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Get in control of your business - Cornelia van kranenburg

Starting a business with sustainable practices can feel like venturing into uncharted waters. Where to start? How to make sure this becomes a success? These questions hold you back and as a result your business is suffering. 

What does it cost you to lose a competitive edge? As eco-conscious consumers rise, are you prepared to see potential clients choose competitors who champion sustainability over businesses that don't?

How sustainable is your long-term growth strategy? Without incorporating sustainable practices, are you risking missing out on collaboration opportunities, partnerships, or grants that prioritize sustainability?

How much is your brand's reputation worth to you? In an era where reputation is everything, can you afford the backlash of neglecting your environmental and societal responsibilities?

Not taking action is costing you a great deal

Stop wondering and get out of your own head

Be More Focused

Become clear about what impact you want to make exactly

Start with auditing your own business 

Get The Right Skills

Learn the skills you need to get to your goal

Start with auditing your own business 

Make Impact With Confidence

So you contribute to saving our planet while making profit

Start with auditing your own business 


Students taught

International certified NLP trainer

the same science Tony Robbins uses

Environmental sciences graduate

University of Utrecht

Quest Psychology, CEO blog nation

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I am obsessed

empowering everyone to make an impact with joy

As I grew up, I had to choose a study program at the university and the only thing I wanted to learn was: How can we take better care of the world and the people around us? There was no such thing as a bachelor's degree in sustainability, but the program Future Planet Studies came very close.  

I ended up with a graduate degree in environmental sciences. Aside from my love for this planet and the people who live on in, I am obsessed with personal development and always look to learn new things: courses, books, can’t get enough of it. 

That’s probably the reason I continued to take courses when I worked as a sustainability advisor. Someone told me: Neuro Linguistic Programming fits you.

Before I knew it I hadn't done just one program, but three programs. The third one qualified me as an international certified NLP trainer.

Teaching and training is and has always been my passion, something I already did in high school and university.

I truly believe making a positive impact in the world should be a joy and not something you resent after a while when things don’t work out.

It might be no surprise that this is the business I run now...

Success stories

"Cornelia really helped me by showing what kind of goals I have and how to use that as motivation"
"she is an entrepreneur that I truly admire and look up to which made me absolutely thrilled about following her course "

You can make impact and profit

1:Check your sustainable impact

Find out where you can grow your sustainable impact

2: Buy a course

Discover simple strategies & scientific principles you can use to make more impact and grow your business

3: Be proud of your impact

Eliminate frustration& guilt and love your business impact

You want to make more impact and grow your business

I believe that deep down you already are the kind of entrepreneur you want to be: filled with purpose and drive to make a difference for the people and the planet.

To really be that entrepreneur, you need to level up your business and improve your impact while growing your business.

The problem is you are overwhelmed in the midst of all the contradicting information, you have no time to do elaborate studying on sustainable business practices and as a result you continue to do the same things and get the same results: the same chaos, the same amount of customers and the same amount of revenue & impact. 

You feel frustrated and ask yourself the same question every time: "How am I going pull this off?".  

I believe that sustainable entrepreneurship should be simple and joyful

I understand  that doing the work and making bold decisions is hard. Starting my business and working against all the odds against me to make it a success, scared the shit out of me.  

As sustainability expert and trainer in mindset and practical psychology, I have helped other purpose driven entrepreneurs to change the way they do entrepreneurship to make it simple and a joy. 

That is why I provide online courses to help you align your business with your purpose, grow and make more impact.

Here is how it works:

1: Download the checklist,

2: Buy a course,

3: Be proud of your impact.


Buy a course now, so you can stop getting the same revenue, same impact and still feel like it's not enough. 

And start being proud of the impact your make, because you do the right strategies to grow an make positive impact.

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