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Get in control of your business - Cornelia van kranenburg

Being stuck in your own head is rough

You own a business and work alone or with a small team. You try to get new clients but you overthink almost everything you do. How much time and potential clients is overthinking everything in your business costing you? 

How many social media posts or decisions have taken twice as long as they should because you try to make it perfect in your head? 

How many clients have you not reached because your social media post needs to be perfect before you post?  

Do you avoid networking because you don't know what to say and meeting people tires you? How many clients haven't found you because you are scared to be in the spotlight, scared to show your face on video? 

If this is you, it is likely you are introvert or a highly sensitive person. 

Forcing to be someone you are not can be costing you a great deal

Get out of your own head for

More focus

With the course you easily implement boundaries that match your introvert personality

More energy

With the course you learn how to do the right things at the right time so you can keep your inner battery charged

Confidence to put yourself in the spotlight

The course helps you to overcome your shy side and start putting yourself out there to attract more clients

As a trainer in personal development and entrepreneur I am obsessed with personal growth

In 2016 my life as student was a perfect picture: good grades, an exchange semester, a boyfriend, and a nice student job. And I still got a depression. 
This completely changed the way I look at life and after some nudges in the right direction I started a journey in Neuro Linguistic Programming, the method Tony Robbins uses in all his programs.
I finally understand why I had such struggles, I am introvert and also a highly sensitive person. It is time to turn things around and use this as an advantage instead of being a victim from it. 

2020 - I already started my business and still worked for an employer as well. I experienced panic attacks at work. That is the moment I decide to go all out for my business. This is the way I can control the way I work so it fits with who I am as introvert and highly sensitive person.
Now I use my personality as an advantage, because I  am confident about who I am 

Success stories

"Cornelia really helped me by showing what kind of goals I have and how to use that as motivation"
"she is an entrepreneur that I truly admire and look up to which made me absolutely thrilled about following her course "

You can take back control

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2: Learn the secrets

Discover simple strategies you can use to align your personality with your work

3: Get back in control

Eliminate frustration and love the way you work on your business
Cornelia van Kranenburg - business owner Eager Minds Academy

You want to be a badass entrepreneur

I believe that deep down you already are the kind of entrepreneur you want to be: in the flow, being badass and full of energy.

To really own that part of yourself, you need to do your work in a way that suits your introvert or high sensitive personality.

The problem is you are overwhelmed in the midst of chaos, you have no time to improve and as a result you continue to do the same things to get the same results: the same chaos, the same amount of customers and the same amount of revenue

You feel frustrated and ask yourself the same question every time: "How am I going to get out of my head?".  

I believe that entrepreneurship as an introvert should be simple and an adventure.

I understand  that doing the work and making bold decisions is hard. Starting my business and working against all the odds against me to make it a success, scared the shit out of me.  

As trainer in mindset and practical psychology, I have helped other introvert entrepreneurs to change the way they do entrepreneurship to make it simple and a fun adventure. 

That is why I provide online courses to help you align the way you work with who you are.

Here is how it works:

1: buy a course,

2: Learn the secrets,

3: get back in control.

Buy a course now, so you can stop getting the same revenue, same clients and still feel tired at the end of the day.

And start feeling full of energy at the end of your day, because you do the right things and be more more confident, attract clients that make you happy, transform your business so it works for you

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