Introvert and entrepreneur: How to create flow and make your business fit to your personality

Introvert and entrepreneur: How to create flow and make your business fit to your personality

As an introvert, connecting with people and being in a social environment can be challenging. It can take a lot of focus and energy to make connections with others and be present outside of one's own little world in your head. While this is not unique to introverts, it happens more often when you have this personality type.

Many entrepreneurs start a business to experience freedom, and that is probably true for you too, when your are an introvert entrepreneur. Freedom in your business, whether it's in terms of finances, appointments, or time.  The fact that you have control over how that will look like for you, is amazing.

It probably has contributed a lot to why I started my own business a couple of years ago. I want to share some tips and tricks that I use, to take care of my personality and create a workflow that really works for me.

To feel the flow in your business, you need to do something to trigger it. Create flow in your business by working in a way that suits you. For example, start working early in the morning, do your morning routine, and then start working on your business. Doing something productive before breakfast can trigger motivation and inspiration to continue working.

Motivation and flow do not come by themselves. It follows from action. That is why I take action even before I am connecting to other people in the day. Having the first things done, really helps to maintain motivation for the rest of the day and the coming days too.

Work alone: While it is important to connect with others, working alone can be your introvert secret weapon. Introverts work best when they are alone, so find a workspace that allows you to be alone and create your own triggers to help you get in the flow. Set the right environment for you.

Set rules for yourself: Creating rules for your body, mindset, environment, and social appointments can help you manage your introverted personality. Set rules that suit your personality and help you take care of yourself. Eg: drink 2 L of water per day, Take responsibility of how you run your business, turn your office space into a space that supports you with silence or music, and plan appointments in the afternoon.

Embrace your introverted side: As an introvert, you have unique qualities that can be used to your advantage. Use your introverted qualities to create a business that suits you and allows you to succeed. Think first, be conscious of where you spend your time and energy on.

Building a successful business as an introvert is possible. It's about finding what works for you and embracing your introverted side. By creating a flow, working alone, setting rules for yourself,  and embracing your introverted qualities, you can build a successful business that suits you.

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