About Eager Minds Academy

About Eager Minds Academy

Many sustainable business owners struggle with making real impact. Our online courses help you make measurable impact with joy so you feel confident and proud about the impact your make

Why I started this business

I am 11 years old, just a little girl, when my parents decide to start with foster care. Before that we were a family of 3, the Dutch version of a traditional family.

At that moment I truly believe I will finally get a little brother or sister. Reality catches up fast. We play together, we fight, but most of all I am doing my own thing.

I look at my parents and see that it’s important to contribute, to support people who have different opportunities than I have. But the situation at home is not fantastic...

To make sure I am not confronted with all that, I take lessons in piano and vocals and spend as much time as I can with horses.

It is no surprise to me that right now I ‘own’, a rescue dog from Romania, Elmo, and a Dutch warmblood horse, Lina. I say 'own' because I don’t think you can really own an animal, I am just the caretaker.

I love to spend time with them by myself. I need time alone to recharge and I have always done that with horses. 

As I grow up, I have to choose a study program at the university and

There is only one thing I want to learn

How can we take better care of the world and the people around us? There is no such thing as a bachelor's degree in sustainability, but the program Future Planet Studies came very close.  

I want to explore and experience everything this world has to offer. It’s why I take time off studying to travel to Africa to do volunteer work with a community based project in Malawi.

It was and still is one of the most poor countries in this world. Here I am feeding children who don’t get enough food, building toilets, changing roofs, supporting women who run a local micro loan bank and so much more.

It’s raw, it’s enlightening and something I won’t ever forget. It also makes me hungry for more experiences. 

As soon as I am back home,

I am on my way to study a semester in Canada, at McMaster University. Aside from the environmental courses I also take a class in Canadian history and learn all about how they treated the first nations. Spoiler: not so well is an understatement.

Besides that, this country makes me feel at home: the beautiful nature and the kind people. The best part of this experience is making international friendships for life. . 

These friends live all over Europe and we meet up in a different city every year

I always check if I can go by train, which worked out great for Paris in 2022 and not so much for Stockholm 2023.

It’s so much fun to exchange our views on the world and ask each other life questions.

 At the end of our trip I make sure we meet up next year too

That is my role in this thing: taking the lead and make sure everybody is on board. I love that we do new things, learn new views from each other on society, sustainability, business, money, friendships and so on.

I am obsessed with personal development and always look to learn new things: courses, books, can’t get enough of it. 

That’s probably the reason I continued to take courses when I worked as a sustainability advisor. Someone told me: Neuro Linguistic Programming fits you.

Honestly, the first time someone told me that, I didn’t believe him. But the second time, I was intrigued and signed up for an get to know us evening. Before I knew it I hadn't done just one program, but three programs..The third one qualified me as an international certified NLP trainer.

Teaching and training is and has always been my passion, something I already did in high school and university. These courses brought me a most important insight.  

Things in my life needed to change

At some point I realized having a job is not really my thing: developers refusing to build more sustainably, coworkers who are super stubborn and unwilling, meetings that don’t come to the point.  

It’s 2019 when I started a business in horsemanship, teaching horse owners how to work with their horse, but mostly how to stay grounded and relaxed. I found out soon enough this is not really the kind of people I want to teach. It’s not as much in line with my mission as I thought at first.

Everyone makes impact with joy

It’s my mission to empower everyone to make an impact with joy

 I truly believe making a positive impact in the world should be a joy and not something you resent after a while when things don’t work out. I also believe that moving towards a more sustainable society is done by people who want to innovate and change.

 People who feel like they have to contribute: to show how it can be done in a way that supports all people involved and the environment we live in. 

It might be no surprise that this is the business I run now.

Many sustainable business owners struggle with making a real impact, with Eager Minds academy I offer courses that help to make measurable impact with joy so you can be confident and proud of the impact you make with your business. 

I believe making impact should be easy

. Especially when you are alone or working with a small team, the amount of tasks can be overwhelming and the joy can disappear. I live by routines, step by step plans to make it easy for myself.

And I am here to help you, so together we make this world a better place..

Fun facts about me

I love truly romantic movies

I love the predictability of them, the message it usually has about going for what you want. Most of these movies I have seen more often than you can count on two hands. My all time favorite is "Pride and Prejudice"

I am a highly sensitive person

In my case that means I need time to really show the person within when making a connection with people. 

I like chocolate,


Personal favorite: vegan pure with hazelnut. You can wake me in the middle of the night for this

I am obsessed with personal development

 A new book, a new way of looking at things, walking on fire. It can't be crazy enough for me. Current favorite book: "Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking" by Susan Cain

If you struggle with making real impact. Check out out online courses to start making measurable impact with joy so you feel confident and proud about the impact your make