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Somewhere between setting goals on

new year and the end of January, I forget all about the goals I promised I would go for this year. I am probably not the only one, right?

I promise myself, this time it is going to work.

This time I am going to do yoga every day for 30 days. 

The first day I show up, I think: "Yes I can do this!" I feel great stepping on the mat and I feel great walking off. 

The second day, I feel a bit sore and I talk myself into it: "Yes I can, everyone else in this challenge can do it to, so can I."

And then it becomes harder:  "When am I going to put in 30 minutes to do yoga? Before breakfast? No I get hungry, and that is a very short way from being hangry. Just after lunch then? Hmm doubtful, then I am full and I don't like moving too much, I might throw up! Today I will do it before bedtime." 

This discussion with myself is on repeat in my head. On the 6th day, I feel so sore, my belly aches, my arms hurt and instead of going all in during practice I am doing everything just okay. 

I have a busy day ahead: meetings, friends, my dog needs to go to the veterinarian.  After I fix it all and lie in my bed. I remember:  "Shit, I didn't do yoga today!"

I am so tired, I don't want to get up: "Tomorrow is another day.."


Recently I set a goal to do yoga for 365 days...

Fast forward... Recently I set a goal to do yoga for 365 days. Seriously, 365 days !

I wondered what would happen with my body and energy levels if I  do this. At this moment I am on day 109. I show up every single day

There are days I don't feel like it, but most of the days I look forward to getting out of bed and start my day of with a session of yoga.

I feel energized, healthy and proud of myself that I do this every day. 



Dorien really helped me by showing what kind of goals I have and how to use that as motivation

Because of Dorien, have fun again in training my horse and I think she is the reason that he really likes training too. That is the most important thing to me!

What if it would be easy to gain clarity about your future?

Do you recognize this?

  • When you set a goal, you already know it is probably not going to work
  • You don't share your goals, because you are afraid
  • By yourself you are taking steps, but when life gets in the way you simply quit
  • You have big dreams and making it concrete, well that is not so easy...
  • You are curious, what do I need to do to move forward?

How would it be when you actually make progress towards what you want?

  • You feel proud of yourself for taking the leap
  • Energy flows and your next step is easy
  • Feel that your goals are crystal clear 
  • You look back a month from now and see what you have achieved
  • Hear the voice in your head being proud of you
  • Feel the excitement of moving forward and letting go status quo

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The first step taken

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