Next Level Me: Sky is the Limit

Learn how to reach your goals

For a life full of joy, growth and beyond anything you thought possible

You might dream of the future

Or you might not: the end result is the same. Your life goes where the wind takes you and you don't use the wind to sail to your destination. 

What would that be like? Stepping into your own boat, use the wind, and enjoying the journey to where you want to go. 

Going with the wind, got me to 2 jobs I didn't like. However, the moment I stepped into my own boat and used the wind to sail towards my destination, my own business became reality. 

If you ever sailed you know taking the shortest way is not always possible, detours are part of the deal. They are what make it such a joy. 

It might be scary as hell to step into your own boat. Where do you start? How do you steer this thing? How to you leave the marina and what will my destination be?

Do you recognize this?

  1. You don't feel motivated on monday or any other day of the week

  2. You have no clue about where to start making changes or you tried already and it didn't work

  3. You get tired if you imagine what your life would look like when you do the same things over a year, 5 or even 10

  4. Procrastination is your middle name, you focus on the things like a clean and tidy home to avoid being confronted with what you deep down know you should

  5. You don’t take the time to figure out what it is that you want precisely. You simply stay busy with doing the same things over and over, expecting different results

I met someone who asked me: "What is it you really want? 

And I told him, I want a horse and I want a business. We sat down and made a plan. 

And the plan came with action. Within the year I bought my own horse AND started my business. 

How will your life look like when

  • You have a clear vision on what you want to be, do and have

  • You believe you can reach those goals, no matter how crazy they seem now

  • Taking action comes naturally because you do the things that add fuel to your inner battery

  • You already feel the emotions you will when you reach those goals and make impact

  • You are proud of yourself for taking the time to design the next year of your your life

  • You have a strong sense of direction in your life

  • You feel your purpose, your strong inner fire

  • You make true impact in this world

  • Love taking action towards your goals

  • You feel focused and at the same time enjoy the journey of your life

This is possible! with this course: Next Level Me

You get

  • An easily repeatable system of 7 steps towards your goal

  • 2 hours of video material to explain all the steps

  • Short to the point videos, which are also available as podcast

  • Simple exercises, so you can start right away

  • 12 months of guaranteed access

At the end of Next Level Me you

  • Can set goals and take steps so you achieve your goals 
  • Can live your life at your fullest potential
  • Have a clear plan and know how to adjust it
  • Add fuel your inner fire with every step you take
  • Have a strong vision of your goals 
  • Have taken the first steps towards realizing your goals
  • Have tools to take action and overcome limiting beliefs at any time
  • Feel full of energy and spirit 

Right now not 97,-
but only 47,- euros!


Cornelia has a talent for guiding meditations. Thank you so much! 

Fia - The Netherlands

Cornelia really helped figuring out the obstacles that were challenging my way of thinking and how to course correct

Pimbidu - Canada

Cornelia is a very bright and cheerful coach who will sense what you are struggling with and help you achieve your goals, even if they feel impossible

Sophie - The Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone do this?

This is for you when you have a desire to do more with your life. If you can read, listen, watch, write, you can do this. 

What if I don’t have enough time?

When you have the time to browse on IG, you will definitely have the time to do this. The modules are designed to be short, concise and to the point. You don’t have to watch hours of someone explaining what you need to do. The complete course contains up to 2 hours of video material separated in short video's and separated per module. It is easy to pick up where you left off. 

What would be your advice if I am going to try it on my own?

You have to do it yourself but not alone. I often thought I could do it alone, but having something to support you and catch you when you fall is priceless. When you have the benefit of new ways do set goals, change your beliefs and step into a new identity, it is much easier to improve yourself and grow your skill set.

When the course is not what I expected from it, can I get my money back?

Within 4 weeks of buying the course, you can email me it is not what you expected and we will return your money, no questions asked

Done waiting for your goals to happen by themselves?