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Your download was successful, you will get the checklist in your mail within a couple of minutes. What if you not only check where you can improve but immediately have the tools to take action? To make your business more impactful and sustainable with a smile on your face? The 'In 4 steps to more sustainable business impact' - guide will help you to exactly that! You can only get this guide here, on this page. 

Make more impact with your business

Be proud of your positive impact, start with Make more sustainable impact in 4 steps Guide

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Make more impact with your business

Be proud of your positive impact, start with the 7 Steps to Sustainable Business Impact Guide

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"It is difficult to do business in a sustainable way"

You are scared to be accused of greenwashing

When are you doing it right? How can you communicate your progress to attract more clients?

You know not everything you do is 100% sustainable

Where to start? When is something really sustainable? Does it have to be perfect?

You wonder if you can really have a business that contributes to society

Why would my clients choose for a more sustainable option?

How much is waiting to make more impact costing you?

How many opportunities passed by to become a sustainable impact leader and make a real difference?

How much energy did you spend thinking about making this happen without taking action?

How much time did you spend on building a business you're not proud of?

Not choosing to make more impact costing you a great deal

This guide helps you to contribute to a more sustainable world while making profit

Stop waiting for the perfect moment, start now and 

Be confident sustainable

When someone asks you what you do to make more impact with your business: you know the answer!

Talk about your business with joy and pride

The guilt of earning money and not giving back to society: it is gone!

Make more impact

The children in your life will be grateful that you do something for  their future

I whish I would have known all of this when I started my business. That would've been amazing! <3 

Sarah - France

As a trainer, I am obsessed with helping you to build a sustainable business you can be proud of

As a little girl I looked at pictures in news papers, interested in the world around me and how to take care of our beautiful planet.  My parents took in a foster child, teaching me it's important to take care of other people, even if you don't know them.

It's 2012 when I choose to study Future Planet Studies. A program designed to look at a sustainable future for everyone on this planet form many different angles. 

When I start working 'a real job' as sustainability advisor, I have high expectations when it comes to creating a sustainable environment. I find out soon enough that a job is not my thing: endless meetings and people unwilling to change. 

I almost gave up on my sustainable ambition: everyone makes impact with joy and started a business in horsemanship. 

After some nudges in the right direction I started a journey in Neuro Linguistic Programming, the method Tony Robbins uses in all his programs. And became an international certified NLP trainer. 

I finally understand why I had such struggles, I am introvert and also a highly sensitive person.

It is my mission to empower everyone to make positive impact with joy. Its my calling to teach and train and make this world a better place at the same time. 

As business owner you have the power to change. I truly believe sustainable business should be joyful and make significant impact. 

You can be a sustainable entrepreneur

1: Buy The Guide

Learn the principles and take the 7 steps to make more sustainable impact

2: Learn the secrets

Discover simple strategies you can use to make more impact with your business

3: Transform your business

Eliminate frustration and love the impact you make with your business

I believe sustainable business should be joyful and make significant impact. 

I know you are the kind of person who wants to be a sustainable entrepreneur. Someone who can be proud of the positive impact your business makes for people and the planet.

In order to become that person you need to get a grip on how to transform you business to become sustainable. 

The problem is you are not sure what sustainable means exactly. You have some idea, but how that translates to your business... You have no clue.  It makes you feel inadequate, it is never good enough

Is it really possible to make a good profit AND be social and environmental sustainable? 

I believe that sustainable business should be a joy and make significant impact.

As trainer and sustainability advisor I have helped other ambitious sustainable entrepreneurs to transform their business to make more impact.

I know that it can be hard to change the way you do things and include your clients in your sustainable pursuit. 

That is why I made the 7 steps to sustainable business impact guide, to help you transform you business to make more impact

Here is how it works:

1: buy the guide,

2: Learn the secrets,

3:Transform your business

Buy the 7 steps to sustainable business impact guide now, so you can stop feeling like it's never good enough and you are not making a difference with you business. 

And start making real impact for your clients, society and the planet. You can be proud of what you are building and what you are contributing to the world.

Included with The Sustainable Business Blueprint:

Principles of Sustainability

Get to know the drivers of sustainability, so it becomes easy to apply them

Simple Strategies

Implement new strategies that will help you to make more impact

Easy Actions

Easy steps to ensure you can make more impact happen


7 steps to sustainable business impact guide

Buy, Learn the secrets and transform you business so you can be proud of the impact you make

Success stories:

I whish I would have known all of this when I started my business. That would've been amazing! <3
Sarah- France

With being yourself,, you were exactly what I needed :) 

Hielke - The Netherlands

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2 Learn the secrets

3 Transform your business