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Your request for the Ebook was successful. You will receive these on your email within a couple of minutes. But how would you like it to not only to learn the success factors of a goal but also to go on a date with yourself! A date in which you learn from the past and decide how you want to go forward, to take steps towards your dream life!
reflection workbook

Honesty is the key to success

Dive into the past, be present and transform your future

A date with yourself

take the time you deserve to enjoy answering these questions

Reusable reflection workbook


Monthly, quarterly, yearly, it is designed to use with regular intervals

Adjust your focus

To the things that matter to you

At some point you thought of how your life

could look like. And then it stayed exactly where your though of it: In your mind. 

Taking the time to sit down and create the next month, quarter or year. It is just something you want to do, but somehow never come around to. Or you try and do not know the right kind of questions. 

What can you ask yourself to truly reflect? To get deeper and be honest with yourself?

Or what is the right question to answer to define the future?

I still remember the first time, years ago, I sat down to really truly reflect and plan out my next months, I had no clue what I was doing. 

I sit down, look out the window and start thinking. My pen does not move on the paper. What is the right order to go from? 

From the past to the present to the future. But what about the past. Which areas in my life can I learn from? I do not know. 

And how different it is now. It is my favorite 'Date with myself' activity! I always surprise myself with the answers I write down. And I am truly in love with the life I live right now. 


It is not just a workbook - it is your dream life coming to reality 

This is the right thing for you if you want to

  • go on a date with yourself. You, your workbook and a glass of wine or cup of tea if you are just like me
  • Learn the lessons from the past so you refine your dream life
  • Ask yourself questions you have never thought of before
  • Be surprised and delighted by the things that pop up in your head
  • Give yourself the change to turn your dreams into reality
  • Gain clarity, focus and dedication

If you do what you always did, your dreams will stay exactly that, a dream

How would you feel if you never gave yourself the chance to truly fall in love with your own life? 

You can experience all of that with this workbook

reflection workbook

Focus on the past, present and future

Without learning from the past you cannot define your future
Reusable reflection workbook

Designed to use repeatedly

You need to look at a map every once in a while to maintain the right direction

reflection workbook

Pick your own way

Fill it out on your computer, copy the questions to your journal or print and write it in the workbook. Your choice!
€ 7,-

Reflect and connect your goals workbook

Now  is the time. Only one question to ask yourself:

Do you give yourself the gift of time for yourself with a set of questions that can change your future?

Do you want a date with yourself and your destiny?